Monday, July 5, 2010

night sky in savannah


  1. I love skies and their reflexion in windows, gorgeous pics! I love the colors! Amazing...

  2. Hey you. I see you are keeping yourself busy taking pictures. Smart girl. The pictures are wonderful as always. I feel like I'm traveling when I look at your blog and that's a good thing. I haven't forgotten the bungalow pictures, just busy w/work finally!

  3. A long time ago, we resolved that we needed a solution to The Problem of Thanksgiving.

    (Bad food, which we eat ritualistically, in penance for our ancestral sins against the native population, made worse by the presence of "problematic relatives.")

    The solution was: Make Thanksgiving a Travel Day -- and each year go to some city with good food where we hadn't been before.

    I love Savannah, and I recommend it to every sort of refugee.

  4. Thank you, Victoria. You are so lovely and supportive, as always! :0

    The Ancient--I love your solution to Thanksgiving! And yes, Savannah is surely refuge for me. :) and such a congenial and photogenic one at that.

    Kevin, my dear, for some reason your comment won't post, but thank you my dear friend. I am sooooo glad you are busy! and look forward to the bungalow post when you are not. :)